The Real Estate Developer vs the Sales Man

The Real Estate Developer vs the Sales Man

Then he kicks off with what he has seen from few successful real estate project. They have some beautiful girls with branded cars and he replicates that, prints some flyers and every other thing he thinks he has seen. The first month is a good month family and friends have bought a few. The developers is convinced he’s in business and his expectations are high. Now, he turns to his sales team for further sales and asks: “why are you not selling after all I have sold”? Confusion sets in he feels they are under-performing so he goes the wrong route gets them fired and hires a new set of marketing team.

Luckily this time, one of the persons from the new marketing team also sells to a family member or friend. Somewhere in the developer’s mind, he assumes he is making some great decisions and so the best way to increase sales to him is to continuously hire and fire at every point. At this point a lot of money has been wasted on overhead which would have been used judiciously if there was a proper marketing and sales plan and budget for the project

To be continued ………


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